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Thoracolumber Antibacterial System

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Thoracolumber Antibacterial System

– Unique technology in the World
– Coating with nanoparticular silver ions
– Reducing the infection rate and risk
– Decrease hospitalization period
– Antibacterial characteristic
– Avoid the bacterial growth (MRSA) with high level percent ( %91.6) (Metici 11-in resistant staphylocaccus aureus-Meticilin is among the most powerful antibiotics)
– Kill most of deadly bacterias
– The coating metarial in microgramweights for biocompatibility
– Level blood in body cant reach toxic level that will cause acute and cronic argyria  with that silver level (2mgr -5mgr)
– It is used for the treatment of degenerative or pathologic  deseases to achive an artificial stabilization
– Efficient biomechanic compatibility
– Two types of connectors: monoaxial and multiaxial
– Three types of hook: Pedicular, laminar (Left right angled) and offset hook