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Anterior Cervical Plate of rigid fixation, as soon as the plate comes with round holes.

Characteristics of the plate:

• anatomical shape for both levels (Cephalad-Caudal and Medial-Lateral).
• Built–in locking mechanism of the screws (Dynamic Spring), which prevents the back-out of the screws.
• Increased screw angulation (18° Cephalad-Caudal και 16° Medial-Lateral). The implants come in sterilized package.
• holes in the central part of the plate body, give the ability of pre-fixation with the use of pins.

Characteristics of the screws:

• two different diameters: 4,00 mm and 4,25 mm (revision). Both choices are self-drilling and self-cutting.
• two different choices: fixed and variable angulation.
In each sterilized package come two pieces of screws.